Engineering Testing | New York City

Metric Consulting is an engineering testing company located in the New York City, Manhattan, Bronx, and Long Island areas. We are a full service geotechnical, environmental and materials engineering firm that handles testing and inspections for the construction industry.

Metric Consulting and Testing

Listed Below are some of our services.

Engineering Concrete
  • Pile Inspection
  • underpinning
  • vibration monitoring
  • structural stability
  • sheeting/shoring
  • curtain walls
  • foundation investigation
  • floor flatness
  • Masonry

    • Grout Mix Design
    • compression test (bricks, prisms, ect.)
    • Soil

    • bearing capacity
    • compaction inspection
  • batch plant and field inspections
  • compressive strength (cylinders, beams, cubes, and prisms)
  • mix design
  • crack monitoring
  • coring
  • non-destructive testing (windsor probes, schmidt hammer)
  • petrographic analysis
  • Structural Steel

  • bolting inspection
  • field/shop inspection
  • anchor testing
  • anchor testing
Engineering Consultant | New York
New York City, Long Island and throughout the Tri State Area